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Rates and Tariffs

Intermountain Gas Company’s residential and small commercial billing categories are listed below. To find out what price you are currently paying, look at the billing rate section of your bill. (See Understanding Your Bill).  If you think you should be in a different category, please call our Customer Service Center at 208-377-6840 in the Boise/Treasure Valley area or 800-548-3679 from all other areas. We are available to take your calls from 7:30 A.M. – 6:30 P.M., MST, Monday through Friday.

  • RS – Residential  – This rate is applicable to any customer using natural gas for residential purposes. View RS Tariff
  • GS-1 or General Service  – You fit into this category if you use natural gas for your small commercial or light industrial business. Applicable to customers whose requirements for natural gas do not exceed 2,000 therms per day at any point on the Company’s distribution system. Requirements in excess of 2,000 therms per day may be served under this rate schedule upon execution of a one-year written service contract. View GS-1 Tariff
  • IS-R or Interruptible Snowmelt  – As a residential customer, you will be billed under this tariff if you use natural gas to melt snow and/or ice on sidewalks, driveways, or any other similar appurtenances. View IS-R Tariff
  • IS-C or Interruptible Snowmelt – Small commercial customers using natural gas to melt snow and/or ice will be billed under this tariff. View IS-C Tariff
  • EEC – Energy Efficiency Charge – Applicable to customers taking service under Rate Schedule RS or GS-1. The Energy Efficiency Charge is designed to fund administrative and program delivery costs incurred by the company for energy efficiency services provided to customers as outlined in Rate Schedules EE-RS and EE-GS. View EEC-RS Tariff | View EEC-GS Tariff

Idaho PUC

Intermountain Gas Company is a regulated utility under the jurisdiction of the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.

Rate Cases

Information regarding Intermountain Gas rate cases can be found on our Commission Filings page.

Industrial Services

Intermountain Gas Company also has an Industrial Service website for our Industrial – Large Volume Customers.