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Integrated Resource Plan


An Integrated Resource Plan describes a utility’s two- to five-year expectation of how Intermountain expects to serve customers’ energy needs at the lowest reasonable and safe cost. The analyses in this 8-12 month process includes existing and potential new pipelines and natural gas supply contracts (among others) as well as benefits of energy efficiency to customers. The IRP provides a comprehensively deep and transparent insight into how a utility plans for customers’ energy future.

Customers and the general public are invited to participate in a series of meetings on the variety of topics contained in the IRP. Together, customers and the general public participating in the IRP process are called Stakeholders. Stakeholders also include the professional analytical staffs of the state utility commissions, groups representing residential and industrial customers and other community representatives.

Sign up! Get on Intermountain’s distribution list. You may participate in multiple ways ranging from attending the Intermountain Gas Resource Advisory Group (IGRAC) meetings to simply reviewing the agendas/presentations/recordings with the opportunity to comment. Do so by contacting the Intermountain IRP email address at [email protected].


2023 IRP IGRAC 1 Meeting – Tuesday, May 2, 2023
Microsoft Teams Only from 9 am to 12 pm
• Economic Forecast
• Core Market Customer Forecast
• Large Volume Forecast
• Load Demand Curves

IGRAC 1 Presentation

IGRAC 1 Minutes

IGRAC 1 Video Recording:

2023 IRP IGRAC 2 Meeting – Thursday, June 8, 2023
Microsoft Teams Only from 9 am to noon
• Usage Per Customer
• Energy Efficiency
• Supply Side Resources
• Distribution System Modeling

IGRAC 2 Presentation

IGRAC 2 Minutes

IGRAC 2 Video Recording:

2023 IRP IGRAC 3 Meeting – Wednesday, August 2, 2023
Microsoft Teams Only from 9 am to noon
• Potential Capacity Enhancements
• Resource Optimization
• Planning Results

IGRAC 3 Presentation

IGRAC 3 Minutes

IGRAC 3 Video Recording: