Intermountain Gas is pleased to notify its customers that a PGA (Purchased Gas Adjustment) has been approved by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to reduce the rate by 20%. These new rates went into effect on October 1st. The PGA application is filed each year to ensure the costs Intermountain incurs on behalf of its customers are reflected in its sale prices. Because the price for gas is a pass-through charge directly to its customers, Intermountain’s earnings will not decrease because of the proposed change in prices and revenues. For more information regarding Intermountain’s rates, visit our Rates and Tariffs page.

AC Survey

Atmospheric Corrosion Survey
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Property Portal for Property Owners and Landlords

View details and request changes to your Continuous Service Agreement online.

The following online tasks are available through the portal:

  • Add or remove properties on your Continuous Service Agreement
  • Check the service status of existing properties
  • Determine if service at an address is in your name or a tenant’s name


Installing high-efficiency natural gas appliances in your home is a smart investment that will save you money and improve your comfort. Energy-efficient equipment makes your energy dollars go farther!

Intermountain Gas offers customers a variety of incentives and conservation tips. Visit our energy efficiency page to learn more about how you can save energy and money.