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Incident Information

Natural Gas Safety Message Regarding Flooding

In the event of flooding in your basement, it is important to have the natural gas supply to your home disconnected. Contact Intermountain Gas at 800-548-3679 to shut off your natural gas service. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN IT BACK ON YOURSELF.

Flooding can impair the effectiveness of safety devices installed in natural gas appliances and equipment. If your house has flooded and any of your natural gas appliances have come into contact with water, they are not safe to use.

Stay out of flooded basements. Energized wiring or outlets below the water line may pose a hazard. Natural gas services in a flooded basement may also pose a danger.

LEAVE THE HOUSE IMMEDIATELY IF YOU SMELL NATURAL GAS. Do not turn lights on or off or use any other electrical switches – including garage door openers, under any circumstances. Do not open any windows or doors other than the ones you pass through on your way out. Do not use a cell phone or any other phone while still in the house. Go to a neighbor’s house or other safe place away from your home to call 911 and Intermountain Gas Company’s emergency number (800-548-3679).