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Intermountain Gas Company files annual PGA

BOISE, ID – Aug. 7, 2015 – Intermountain Gas Company filed its annual Purchased Gas Cost Adjustment (PGA) application with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission to change its prices by an overall average decrease of 5.69%, or $15.3 million. If approved, the decrease would be effective Oct.1, 2015. The primary reason behind the proposed decrease is a decline in the price of natural gas that Intermountain purchases for its customers. With this proposed decrease, Intermountain’s combined residential and commercial prices would be 35% lower as compared to 2005. Intermountain’s earnings will not decrease as a result of the proposed change in prices and revenues.

If approved, residential customers using natural gas for space and water heating will see an average decrease of 6.11%, or $3.12 per month. Customers using natural gas for space heating only will see an average decrease of $1.36 per month, or 3.56%, based on average weather and usage. Commercial customers, on average, would see a decrease of $12.15 per month or 5.66%.

The company is also proposing to eliminate the temporary surcharges and credits that have been included in its current prices during the past year. Newer temporary surcharges and credits will be included going forward.

Scott Madison, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Intermountain said, “The decrease in the cost of natural gas is mainly a supply and demand issue, and natural gas supplies remain plentiful. Additionally, last winter’s warm weather in the western U.S reduced demand on natural gas storage levels in our region, adding to the availability of natural gas heading into next winter. We continue to see increased domestic natural gas production, and we anticipate prices will remain fairly stable in the coming year.”

Even with this proposed price decrease, Intermountain continues to urge all its customers to use energy wisely. Conservation tips, information on government payment energy assistance, and programs to help customers level out their energy bills over the year can be found on the company’s website,

A Purchased Gas Cost Adjustment application is filed each year to ensure the costs Intermountain incurs on behalf of its customers are reflected in its sales prices. The request is a proposal, and is subject to public review and approval by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. A copy of the application is available at the Commission’s office and on its homepage at as well as at the bottom of this article via the link titled “Rate Case – Full Filling Document – August 07, 2014”. Written comments regarding the application may be filed with the Commission. Customers may also subscribe to the Commission’s RSS feed to receive periodic updates via email.

Rate Case – Full Filing Document – August 07, 2014


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