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Commercial Rebate Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Deadline Dates: Rebates for qualifying natural gas equipment must be submitted within ninety (90) days of installation.

Eligibility: Energy-efficiency rebates are available to commercial customers of Intermountain Gas Company (IGC) served on its General Service (GS-1) rate schedule in the state of Idaho. Customers must meet all eligibility requirements listed in IGC’s General Service Energy Efficiency Rebate Program tariff (Rate Schedule EE-GS). Rebates apply only to the purchase and installation of new equipment, used equipment does not qualify.

The qualifying equipment must be installed in the state of Idaho. Customer must solely heat the property with natural gas provided by IGC to qualify for all space heating rebates.

All equipment must be new. All equipment must be installed according to current code and approved by local or state inspection with the signed approved permit attached to the newly installed equipment. All equipment must be installed, and work completed by a licensed and bonded contractor. At its sole discretion, IGC may make eligible the work of other qualified contractors on a case-by-case basis.

Rebate will be paid only after completion and verification of the energy savings measure(s) and submission of all required documentation. Customers are advised to retain a copy of this rebate application and any other documentation submitted to IGC under this program.

Support Documentation: Support documentation is required for all rebate eligible energy efficiency equipment including paid-in-full itemized invoices that list installation date, cost, brand, model number and serial number. IGC reserves the right to verify that work was completed, and meets program standards, through an installation site inspection.

Payment: Rebates shall be paid directly to the qualifying participant in the amount authorized at the date the qualifying energy efficiency upgrade was installed. The rebate amount is not to exceed the price paid for the equipment and installation. Please allow six to eight weeks for rebate processing.

Measures: Rebates for authorized energy savings measures are limited to the amounts provided on IGC’s General Service Energy Efficiency Rebate Program tariff. All rebate measures must meet IGC’s required energy efficiency specifications. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the installed equipment qualifies for the incentive. If the equipment does not qualify, no incentive will be paid. Current rebates, specifications, and rebate amounts can be found on IGC’s website at and are subject to change at any time in IGC’s sole discretion. Eligible equipment must be installed during the effective dates of the current rebate program tariff to qualify for a rebate. If you have questions on whether specific equipment would qualify, or have any questions regarding IGC’s energy efficiency programs, please contact IGC at 1-800-548-3679 prior to installation.

Disclaimer/No Liability: Customer understands that, while IGC may have provided rebates for approved conservation measures and equipment, IGC is not supervising the work performed for the Customer, nor is IGC responsible in any way for proper completion of that work or proper performance of any equipment purchased. Customer assumes the risk of any loss or damages that Customer may suffer in connection with the installation of rebate eligible energy efficiency upgrades and Customer shall hold IGC harmless from any such loss or damage that may be incurred by Customer. IGC does not guarantee any particular energy savings results by its approval of this application, or by any of its actions.