The Energy Star® Difference

intermountain gas 2019 energy star market leader

Intermountain Gas Company is proud to announce that it received the 2019 ENERGY STAR® Market Leader Award for its outstanding efforts to promote energy efficient construction and help homebuyers experience the peace of mind, quality, comfort, and value that come with living in an ENERGY STAR certified home or apartment.

intermountain gas 2019 energy star market leader

You are one of our ENERGY STARS! These builders contributed to the 619 energy-efficient homes in the Intermountain Gas Energy Efficiency Program in 2018.

Avimor Development SDH Construction
Berkeley Building Company Inc Seidl Home Company
Brighton Homes Shadow Mountain Homes
Core Building Co Sustainable Homes LLC
Eaglewood Homes Ted Mason Signature Homes Inc
Foothill Construction LLC Todd Campbell Construction Inc
Gardner Homes Idaho Tresidio Homes
Hale Development Vantage Point

Intermountain Gas does not endorse any homebuilder in, or outside of, the ENERGY STAR program. The list above represents builders who took advantage of Intermountain Gas energy efficiency incentives for ENERGY STAR certified homes built in 2018.

intermountain gas 2019 energy star market leader award certificate

The blue ENERGY STAR label on a new home means it was designed and built to standards well above most other homes on the market today. When ENERGY STAR’s rigorous requirements are applied to new home construction, the result is a home built better from the ground up, delivering better durability, better comfort, and reduced utility and maintenance costs.


An ENERGY STAR certified home starts with the construction process.  To give you an inside look at an ENERGY STAR certified home, Intermountain Gas partnered with Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity to document their ENERGY STAR certified home building process. In addition to their mission to build quality, affordable homes for hard-working Idaho families, Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity builds ENERGY STAR certified homes to maximize quality, comfort and efficiency, and to keep long term operations as affordable as possible. Watch to learn more about the features and benefits of an ENERGY STAR certified home, and follow Boise Valley Habitat for Humanity through the construction process.

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